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This is a compilation of some questions we often get asked. We thought it would be helpful to include these here for you in order to save you time and give you the answer to some questions you may relating to online gambling, no deposit casino bonuses and bonuses in general.

Q: Do online casinos apply a limit on the time I have to spin the reels or when playing table games?

No, the simple answer to this is that online casinos will allow you all the time you want. The only exception to this if you have been inactive for an extended time then they may disconnect you for security purposes.

Q: If I win money at an online casino am I required to pay taxes on that amount?

That depends on the jurisdiction you live in. If the country you live in taxes winnings from gambling then you are required to pay taxes. However an online casino will not report your winnings to your government so this is expected on the honor scale.

Q: I was about to register at an online casino but they asked me my personal information like my address name and phone number. Is this safe to do?

Yes, online casinos do this in order to verify identification but also in order to process your deposits and your winnings. It is important that the information you use is accurate as the casino may request proof of identity from you and should you put down false information your winnings will not be paid.

This is due to licensing requirements that the casino must follow. It is also used to prevent underage gambling.

Q: I tried to use my credit card to make a deposit but it was decline. The message said my bank does allow for online gambling transactions. Can I ask my bank to allow me to use my credit card in this way?

The answer is no. Many banks and credit card companies stopped allowing people to use their credit cards to make online gambling transactions. This was to prevent fraud but also to prevent people with gambling addictions from over spending or claiming deposits made were not by them.

Q: I live in the U.S.A, where it is illegal to make deposits with online casinos. Will online casinos be able to identify me as being from the USA and prevent me from playing?

Yes. Online casinos will and are able to identify the geographical location you live in. If you live in a country where it is illegal to deposit or gambling online the casino software will automatically prevent you from registering a real money player account. Some casinos will allow for fun money accounts to be created however.

Q: Do online casinos fix their games so they are not random?

No, they do not. All online casinos use advanced random number generating programs to achieve results for all of their games. As most operate under a network the individual casino has no ability to affect the outcome of the games at all. Online casinos use outside companies to test their games and will make those reports available for you to review. They are honest and accurate.

Q: If I want to see what my overall winning percentage is how do I do that?

The way to do this is maintain a record of what you deposited versus the amount you have won. Most online casinos provide you the ability to review your game play. This will show each game you played, the amount you wagered for each game and winnings achieved from that game. The average online casino however does payout 97%. This is based across all of the different games they have available to play.

Q: What is a wagering requirement and how does that affect me?

A wagering requirement is something the casino will apply anytime someone makes a deposit and choose to accept a bonus. As the casino is giving you free money it applies the wagering requirement to it in order to prevent bonus abuse. Once that wagering has been met you are free to withdrawal your casino balance. If you chose to not accept a bonus then there is no wagering requirements applied.

Q: I see many casinos will give a welcome bonus. Why is that and how can they afford to give away free money?

The casino does this in order to attract you to the casino. It is given in the same manner as other companies provide free giveaways – marketing. The hope is you will make a deposit and do so on a regular basis.

Q: Are cards at table games shuffled before a hand is dealt?

Yes, every time you begin a new game the cards are shuffled.

Q: Is it legal to count cards in Blackjack online?

Yes, but it is also very difficult to do as each hand will be shuffled prior to being dealt. You will find many articles online claiming to have the secret but most are flawed and fail to achieve results.

Q: If I win a large amount of money am I limited to how much money I may withdraw from the casino?

That depends on the casino. Some casinos will limit the amount you can withdraw per week and others will not apply any limits. If the win was the result of a network progressive jackpot win then generally the full amount will be paid.

Q: I heard some rules and regulations for bonuses are sneaky. Is this true?

Unfortunately there are some casinos who think it is in their best interests to make rules, regulations and promotional terms hard to understand. The majority of casinos do not employ this practise. Should you find a casino that does then it is recommended that you do not deposit and play there, no matter how tempting.

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