A Christmas Carol Tournament Ending Soon at Drake Casino

As we head for 2020, there are some great tournaments to take you out of 2019. End off this decade with the $5,000 A Christmas Carol Monthly Tournament, and enjoy a Weekender Progressive, a Twitter Free Roll, Bi-Weekly 8, Bonus Poker and a VIP Blackjack tournament.

$5,000 A Christmas Carol Monthly Tournament

Every month Drake Casino hosts a special monthly tournament with a great prize pool. Since this is the festive season, this month’s slot pick for the tournament is A Christmas Carol. While the tournament began at the beginning of the month, there is still time to enter and play. Stand the chance to win if you enter this tournament now and play as much as you can before 31st December 2019. Play in this tournament until one minute before midnight and then bring in the New Year.

There is a $5 entry fee to the monthly tournament. This fee gives you $100 worth of casino tournament chips. Should you balance dip down to $40 or less, you may take advantage of a re-buy. The re-buy gives you an amount of $200 in tournament chips. The re-buy fee is set at $5, the same as the entrance fee, but double the number of tournament chips. There is a limit of 1,000 re-buys, as long as your balance makes you eligible.

The $5,000 prize pool pays out the top 14 leaderboard players as follows:

  • 1st place prize pays out $2,000
  • 2nd place prize pays out $1,000
  • 3rd place prize pays out $750
  • 4th place prize pays out $250
  • 5th to 14th place prizes each get $100

Keep an eye on the leaderboard to see your progress. The leaderboard updates every 30 to 60 seconds.

True Heroes in the Weekly Slots Tournament

The month is coming to an end and the Weekly Slots 4 tournament still has a couple of days to go. The tournament began on Monday 23rd December and ends on Sunday 29th December 2019. Play this tournament on the True Heroes slot game.

Start off with a $5 entry fee when you opt in to the Weekly Slots 4 tournament. Begin play with $100 in entry chips. Once you begin play, you can spin the reels on the True Heroes slot and grow your balance to climb the leaderboard. If your balance should dip to $40 or less, take advantage of the re-buy option for just $5. Re-buys give you $200 worth of casino tournament chips.

The top 52 leaderboard winners receive the following prizes:

  • 1st place prize pays out $750
  • 2nd place prize pays out $230
  • 3rd place prize pays out $100
  • 4th and 5th place prizes pay out $50 each
  • 6th to 14th place prizes each pay out $25
  • 15th to 52nd place prizes each pay out $2.50

Weekender Progressive Tournament

Play the Weekender Progressive from now until 30th December 2019. This weekend’s progressive slots tournament plays out on the Fruit Zen slot game. The entry fee for this progressive tournament is only $3 for $100 of tournament chips. Re-buys also cost just $3. You can take advantage of the re-buy option if your tournament balance dips to $40 or less for a boost of $200 worth of tournament chips.

The prize pool changes according to the number of participants in the progressive tournament. Prizes pay down to the 14th leaderboard winner.

Twitter Free Roll Tournament

Play the Twitter Free Roll W4 tournament today on the Eastern Dragon slot. This is a quick tournament that lasts until just before midnight on 27th December 2019, so get in on the action now for the chance to win. Join the tournament with a $2 entry fee and play with $100 in tournament credits. Re-buys also cost $3. You can make use of re-buys if your tournament balance is equal to $40 or less. You get $200 worth of casino tournament credits when you make use of the re-buy option.

The prize pool awards both a 1st place cash prize with bonus prizes down to the 13th leaderboard place. The prizes are awarded as follows:

  • 1st place prize pays $25 in cash
  • 2nd place prize pays $15 as a bonus
  • 3rd place prize pays $10 as a bonus
  • 4th to 13th place leaderboard prizes are $5 bonuses each

Bi-Weekly Slots Tournament at Drake Casino

The Bi-Weekly 8 tournament starts on 27th December and ends just before midnight on 28th December 2019. In this tournament, there is a prize of $500, and the winner takes all. Enter the tournament with a $5 buy-in fee and play with $100 worth of tournament chips. If you need to use the re-buy option, it also comes with a $5 fee. Use re-buys if your balance is $40 or less and get $200 worth of tournament credits.

Non-Slots Tournaments

While many players prefer slots tournaments, some prefer to shake things up a bit. Drake Casino hosts both blackjack and poker tournaments along with many slot tournaments. Players enjoy both the Bonus Poker tournaments and VIP Blackjack tournaments each month.

Play the Bonus Poker tournament for a buy-in fee of $25. The tournament is currently underway and ends on 31st December 2019. Begin play with $500 worth of tournament chips. Play Bonus Poker and see if you can reach the top three leaderboard places. There is a total prize pool of $1,500. The 1st prize winner gets the top prize of $750. 2nd place takes home $500 while the player ending in 3rd place gets $250. There is a re-buy option if your balance dips to $40. Re-buys cost $25 and come with $1,000 in casino poker tournament chips.

The VIP Blackjack tournament also ends on 31st December 2019. This tournament comes with the same buy-in and re-buy fees as the Bonus Poker tournament. The $1,500 prize pool is also divided up in the same way as the poker tournament. Play the VIP Blackjack tournament at Drake Casino on the Perfect Pair Blackjack game.


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