Belleville City Eager To Welcome Great Canadian Gaming Facility

Belleville City is at last going to be home to a Great Canadian Gaming facility after the city council bought into the idea after an intensive session with the management of the new project.

The Great Canadian Gaming executive, Chuck Keeling, was hard-pressed by the council members to reveal every detail about short-term and long-term prospects for the gaming facility as part of the evaluation process. With the assertion by the executive that over 300 jobs will be created for the community and a plum share of the millions generated in revenue will go to the city, the project appealed to the council. The Great Canadian gaming facility is expected to be open by the 1st quarter of 2017, dependent on the weather.Belleville

But things look even better for Belleville city, if assessments by Keeling are anything to go by. Most of the employees will be living in the city and the company is already gearing to start hiring this fall.  The gaming executive also observed that a slice of the $41 million being invested in the facility could go to local contractors and the council in form of property taxes and the municipal contribution agreement.

The council members were keen to seek clarifications on outstanding issues including the kind of wages expected. Keeling clarified to Coun. Paul Carr that most of the jobs would be above minimum wage with full benefits, with most receiving tips in the course of their work. Carr also sought the long-term strategy by the company to make the facility a destination spot.

The gaming executive argued that the location near Highway 401 was already a big plus though more input from local stakeholders would be needed in due course. Keeling was also pressed by Coun. Garnet Thompson over the client catchment areas and promised to provide more details about the matter.

Some of the impressive features that won over the council included the restaurant, bar, lounge and open entertainment area that can cater for 250 people. Keeling was quick to observe that though this was a casino, the space could also be used for charity galas and other non-profit activities. There is enough space on the facility to host an indoor and an outdoor stage too.

The facility’s model shown to the council depicts a vast 48,000 square feet structure featuring impressive floor to ceiling windows. It is expected to host 1,000 at its optimal level with approximately 400 slot machines and 20 to 22 tables. There will also be 450 parking spots for the new facility in Belleville city.

Great Canadian Gaming has also promised to promote responsible gambling through sophisticated technology and independent counseling. With over 5,400 employees in 19 different facilities, the gaming company promises to bring its vast experience to Belleville while engaging in community projects.