Daily Gifts with Interstellar Promo at Black Diamond Casino

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Black Diamond Casino is hosting the Interstellar promotion. Take to the stars and enjoy daily gifts throughout January. Enter the Crypto Tournament for the chance to win a huge prize of an estimated $50,000 with other prizes too. Play the weekly Lucky Spin promotion for the chance to win a share of the $10,000 worth of prizes available. The casino also hots daily promotions, cash back offers, VIP tournaments, crypto bonuses, a new player welcome package, new player tournaments and much more.

Interstellar at Black Diamond Casino

Claim a daily gift at Black Diamond Casino when you join in the fun this January. Each day a new gift reveals itself. The mysterious gifts could be cash, bonuses or other exciting offers. You cannot tell what they will be unless you log into to your casino account and check out the offers each day. Play these offers until 31st January 2022.

In order to claim your daily reward you need to make a deposit of at least $25 on the day you wish to access a reward. If you deposit $50 or $75 you get to enjoy extra gifts that are available at the casino. Rewards include free chips, cash, and free spins. There are also Amazon vouchers worth a cumulative total of over $20,000. Free spins and casino chips appear instantly in player accounts.

Please note that when you make a minimum deposit of $25, you get access to the gift of the day along with the next six days of gifts. It is important that you log in to your casino account each day for seven consecutive days. There are four gifts available each day. You can only redeem them each once. You cannot access gifts retroactively if you miss a day.

Win Crypto Tournament for Huge Prizes

Join in some Crypto Tournament fun until 31st January 2022. This means there is still plenty of time to get in on the action and start climbing the leaderboard.

Make sure you deposit an amount of $2,500 at the casino. After you have done that, you earn one point each time you wager $1 on any slots at Black Diamond Casino. When you choose to play the specially selected games for this tournament, you get two points for every $1 you play on these slots. The specially selected slots are Wolf Treasure, Outback Heat, Caishen’s Fortune, and Amazing Kong. In addition to this, you get double comp points when you wager cash too. These two offers also work when combined. If you make cash wagers when playing one of the specially selected games, you get four points for each $1 you wager. To make it even easier to earn points, you also get two points for every $1 you deposit using any of the casino’s cryptocurrency methods to make your deposit.

Please note that you are auto-enrolled for this promotion when you have made a cumulative deposit of $2,500 or more at the casino during the promotional period. At the end of the tournaments players are ranked according to the points they collected. Results appear one hour after the tournament ends. Players with the highest point counts win the tournament. The casino automatically awards the prizes directly to player accounts at the end of the tournament.

The top five players win the following prizes:

  • 1st place prize winner gets to enjoy an estimated $50,000 prize
  • 2nd place winner gets a $25,000 prize
  • 3rd place winner gets a $10,000 prize
  • 4th place winner gets a $5,000 prize
  • 5th place winner gets a $2,000 prize

Lucky Spin Promotion at Black Diamond Casino

The Lucky Spin tournament takes place each Friday at the casino. Each week stands alone and is not affected by the previous tournaments. The top 250 winners get a share of the $10,000 worth of prizes. The winner takes home a whopping $4,000 for ending in first place.

All you have to do to join in with the fun is make a deposit of $50 or more during the promotion. Play slots and earn points according to the size of your biggest win/ratio when making a single bet. The bet needs to be placed at an amount equivalent to $0.50 or more in whichever currency you are using.

Your score is then multiplied by 100. This means that yif you placed a $1 bet and won $100, you get a score of 10,000 points. The highest score you manage to achieve during the promotional period is the only one that counts for the tournament results.

Along with the other prizes, players who end in the top 100 are entered into a lucky draw. The casino then selects two random players, each of whom will receive a $100 prize.

Here are the tournament prizes for the top 250 placers:

  • 1st place player gets to walk away with $4,000 as a cash prize
  • 2nd place winner gets a 1,500 bonus prize
  • 3rd place winner gets a 750 bonus prize
  • 4th and 5th place winners each get 500 as bonus prizes
  • 6th to 20th place winners each get 100 as bonus prizes
  • 21st to 50th place winners each get 50 as bonus prizes
  • 51st to 100th place winners each get to play 100 free spins
  • 101st to 150th place winners each get to play 750 free spins
  • 151st to 200th place winners each get to play 50 free spins
  • 201st to 250th place winners each get to play 25 free spins

Each promotional period runs from Friday to the end of the following Thursday. The casino ensures that the final results appear an hour after the promotional period each week. In order to join in with this promotion, you need to make a minimum deposit amount of $50 during the promotional period.

If two players share the same win ratio, the casino ranks the players according to who hit their win first. The casino automatically awards the tournament prizes directly to player accounts after the tournament ends.