09 Oct 2017

Enter the Haunted Mansion and Find a $150K Prize Pool

The Haunted Mansion promotion at Intertops Casino is here, with perfect timing to make your Halloween just a little scarier, and a lot better. In fact, the only scary thing about this promotion is that you could win some great prizes with the scarily big $150,000 prize pool, which is certainly a treat and not a trick!

The Haunted Mansion promotion runs until Monday, 6th November 2017.

Weekly Prizes

Each week, the Haunted Mansion promo is offering a share of $30,000 for players who have joined in the fun. There are hundreds of leaderboard prizes available, and there is a special Thursday draw. There is also a cash prize of $1,000 at the end of the promotional period.

As the Intertops site notes, you have a “spookily-good” chance of winning one of the prizes in the Haunted Mansion promotion. There are 300 winners every week, and the promotion is currently in its second week.

Entering the Haunted Mansion

In order to enter the Haunted Mansion promo, you need to make sure to deposit a minimum amount of $75. This deposit qualifies you for the chance of a position on the weekly leaderboard.

You will earn one point for each $100 that you wager on any games at Intertops Casino. The more points you win, the higher you will go. Accumulate as many points as you can in any week of the promotion to climb the leaderboard. Every Monday, the points are reset to zero since each week of the promotion is run independently.

Although each week is self-contained, those who have ended in the top 20 players in any given week will be entered into a prize draw. The winner of this prize draw will receive the $1,000 cash prize.

Thursday Bonus

In order to be eligible for the Thursday Bonus, make sure to join in the fun at Intertops in the first half of the week. Play at least $25 between Monday and Wednesday to qualify for Thursday’s bonus. There are 50 Thursday bonuses of between $20 and $150 up for grabs.

Monday Leaderboard Bonus Prizes

The top 20 players will each receive $500 while the 21st – 30th players get $300. The 31st – 50th winning placers receive $150 each, and the 51st – 100th placers win bonuses worth $75 each. There is a $50 bonus for each player ending between the 101st and 200th positions. Players who finish from the 201st – 300th places each get a $30 bonus to enjoy.


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