05 Feb 2013

InetBet Casino’s New and Improved Comp Programme

inetbet casinoPlayers at InetBet Casino have always enjoyed a rewarding Comp Programme for their loyalty. With this programme, all games at iNetBet earn the player Comp Points. That means with every bet you make, you accrue points, which can then be converted to real cash anytime that you like. But that’s always been the case. Now, InetBet announces its new and improved comp programme with 3 enhanced benefits.

New players start out with $10 Free by using coupon code: NEW2013 in the cashier’s redeem coupon section.

InetBet Casino now gives players more money in exchange for their comp points. In the old programme, 1,000 comp points earned you $212.50, but now it earns you $242.50. For 50 comp points you now get $5. And for 2,000 comp points you now get $785.

InetBet Casino makes it easier to claim your comp points in smaller increments, which translates to quicker returns. Now, instead of needing to earn 100 comp points before you could claim them, you now need only to accrue 50 comp points before you can claim them.

InetBet Casino has lowered the amount of money you need to wager in order to earn your comp points. In other words, comp points are now cheaper. For example, instead of requiring $60 wagered to earn 1 comp point on keno, it now requires only $55 wagered.

Players can still check their comp points balance at any time they like via the Bank Section of their player account. You’ll find comp points balances listed in the screen’s upper left corner. Best of all, membership in the InetBet comp points programme is automatic. If you’re a member of the online casino, you’re a member of its comp programme.

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