Las Vegas USA Casino Daily And Weekly Bonuses

las-vegas-usa-casinoAmong the assortment of bonuses offered all the time at Las Vegas USA Casino are a pair of weekly promotions and enough daily promotions to account for every day of the week.

Unless otherwise stated, these are all 100% match bonuses with the listed amount representing both the required deposit and the amount of the bonus. So a $175 bonus is a 100% bonus on a deposit of up to $175.

With that said, there is a Weekly Promotion at Las Vegas USA Casino of either $175 or $225 that can be redeemed up to 6 times per week. Then there’s a $500 Extra Weekly Promotion that players can take advantage of an unlimited number of times each week.

Then the first day of the work week finds not one but two promotions to keep players motivated. Matchup Monday offers a $200 bonus redeemable 10 times. And Cash back Monday offers a $500 Bonus, but read the Terms and Conditions on this one carefully, as restrictions do apply.

Next Las Vegas USA Casino offers a unique MST Promotion that gives players a chance at either a $50 or $75 bonus two times each day.

Wild Wednesday promises a $300 bonus, Thirsty Thursday gives a $95 bonus, Freaky Friday offers a $200 bonus that players can redeem up to 10 times that day. Welcoming the weekend, then, is a Thank God Its Saturday bonus of $95, followed by a Super Sunday bonus of $150 that can be redeemed up to 6 times.