Poker Rules and Strategy

Poker is probably the most popular type of games that fall under the “vying games” class.  What this means is that it is a card game that involves players either partially or completely hiding their cards while betting into one main pot against other players.  The main idea of course is to get the best possible hand, and beat out the other players to take down that main pot when all is said and done.  Many people also think of the game video poker when they hear the word “poker”, which is played on a screen similar to how you would imagine playing a slot machine.

When it comes to playing the game of poker though, there is definitely quite a bit of strategy behind it, and of course there are basic poker rules and procedures that one must abide by as well.  It’s also important to make sure that you know the different combinations and ranks of the many hands that you can create, as well as the general rules behind placing bets or calling opponents’ bets as well.  While it’d be simple to say that there is one type of strategy or set of rules behind the game of poker, there are actually many different types of poker today as well.  This can include things like community card poker, draw poker, stud poker, and many other types of games that players enjoy playing.  You’ll find that when it really comes right down to it though, that the most popular types of poker are Texas Hold’em (like you see on TV), seven card stud, and five card draw.

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The arguing about poker begins right here folks!  There is definitely a debate about when the game of poker actually began, as the name itself actually came from the French pogue, but no one is exactly sure if the game itself actually came from this same place, or somewhere else.  It is similar to a game called as nas, which is a Persian game as well.  Realistically though, it really comes down to the fact that there were many similar games that most likely came together to create the game that everyone loves today, poker.

Joseph Crowell was an English Actor, and said that the game was played in New Orleans as early as 1829, but it was done quite a bit differently.  To start this game, the deck held only 20 cards, and four players who were involved in the action were betting on a specific player’s hand (which one was the strongest to be exact).  According to Jonathan H. Green’s book, he also said that the game’s popularity spread from Mississippi riverboats after that, because gambling on these boats was a very popular thing to do. (The book named above was “An Exposure of the Arts and Miseries of Gambling”)

It was not long after this that the full 52 card deck was brought into action and people began including flushes in the game as well.  The general consensus seems to be that the additions of games like stud poker and draw poker were all added during the American Civil War.  Wild card then came up after that around the year 1875, lowball and split pot poker was the next variation to come up in 1900, and then came community card games about 25 years after that.  The popular games all began spreading across the world from this point.

Probably one of the biggest additions to the game of poker was the addition of tournament poker.  When the World Series of Poker was introduced back in 1970, people began putting out different strategy books, and the popularity of the game in general took a huge jump.  Of course, just before this was the addition of the always popular jargon that comes along with the game of poker, with players saying things like “ace in the hole”, “call one’s bluff”, “cash in”, “high roller”, “pass the buck”, “poker face”, “up the ante”, “wild card”, and many other popular phrases as well.

After tournament poker had its massive boom and the World Series of Poker blew up, the game of online poker jumped into action and this addition alone has made the game of poker one of the more popular past times for many gamblers.  To make things even more entertaining for not only players, there is also the “hole-card cameras” which were created to help create poker fans as well, and this has been a huge success as well.  The World Series of Poker and many other popular poker tournament series’ use these hole card cams currently to help their cable and satellite users watch the action as well.

Game play

Obviously when you are playing a specific type of poker, there will be some different variations to rules and such, so it’s always a good idea to check with any off the wall rules that could apply.  Overall though, we’ve broken down the standard rules of the game of poker below.

To start the action in almost all games, there will typically be one or more players putting money into the pot in order to get everything going.  This could be called either a ante, a blind, or a bring-in, depending on the type of game that you are playing.

The dealer has the job to shuffle it up and deal, and after the deck is cut and ready to roll then each player will be dealt the correct number of cards face down.  When playing in any casino you’ll find that the dealer will always deal, but there is a button that will go around and will indicate which player would be the dealer (for the placement of the blinds.)  The dealer button rotates clockwise, and the small blind is the left of the dealer, and the big blind is to the left of the small blind.

When the cards are dealt then the betting will begin and players will have the option to either call or fold in almost all situations, and check in some situations as well depending on the game.  During a betting round there is a bet amount that is going around at the time, which is the amount that you will have to call when the action gets around to you.  Players will typically place their bets right out in front of them instead of putting them into the pot, so it is easier for other players to keep track of where the betting is at.  The round of betting comes to an end and all of the bets are placed into the main pot that the remaining players are attempting to win.

If there is more than one player remaining after the first round of bets, then there will be another card dealt in some way, which will lead to more betting.  If at any point everyone folds but one person, the person who is still remaining will automatically win the pot regardless of what they are holding in their hand.  This is what helps give players the option to bluff if they choose to, as they are not forced to show their cards if this happens.

When the final round of betting comes to an end, if there is more than a single player left in the action then everyone will show their hands.  From here, the strongest hand will take down the pot.

Online Poker

There is obviously quite a bit of strategy in the game of poker, but there is currently no perfect strategy that has been created yet.  There are many good systems that people have come up with to help players at a specific style of game, whether it is heads up, multi-player, or ring game for example.  The perfect strategies have a few different meanings, and some of the systems relate to a system that cannot expect to lose to another players’ strategy, while the option of optimal strategy is one that will be based off of taking advantages of other players’ weaknesses at the poker table.  There are many different systems that are based off of things like the Monte Carlo simulation, Nash equilibrium, Neural networks, and Bayes theorem.

Obviously you can’t see all of the cards that are dealt out so poker is a game of imperfect information.  This is why when it comes to playing live poker many players will take in additional information about tells that other players at the table have.  They will also attempt to cover their own tells to avoid giving away any information as well.  Of course, playing against a computer won’t give these same tells, so playing against someone on a computer changes this game much more than games like chess where all of the information is available to you.  Even though you can’t read your opponents through the computer, you can still learn the additional strategies of the game including the number of outs that you have and percentages that many players take the time to pick up.

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