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Online Slots - Fruit Machines and PokiesOnline Slots have long been one of the most popular casino games for players around the world.  There are many different types of online slots, including standard slot machines, poker machines, and fruit machines, which are all casino games.  Slot machines will feature three or more reels that spin after you’ve pulled a lever or pushed the spin button on the machine.  The machine will payout players based on different patterns or symbols that they hit on the machine when the spin has come to an end.  There are many different types of slot machines that you can find in real casinos all around the world.

History of Slots

Right off the bat, you have to note that slot machines have been around for quite a while.  The first slot machines were created way back in 1891 by Sittman and Pitt of Brooklyn, and there were 5 drums holding a total of 50 card faces.  This slot machine that was originally created was based on the game of poker, and it was popular right off the bat.  Players simply put a nickel in, pressed the level, and players would sit back and hope that they could hit a strong poker hand.  To make this first game even more interesting, there were no actual set payouts, so if you got a pair of Kings, you may end up getting a freed rink, and a Royal Flush may give out cigars or other drinks.  It would all depend on where you were playing the game at.  There were even house advantages back then, as they would typically take two cards out of the deck, so that the house had the edge.  These two cards were the Jack of Hearts and Ten of Spades, so that the odds of winning a Royal Flush were cut in half.

We’ve all heard the nickname for slot machines of the “one armed bandit”, which features that nice lever on the side.  The first of these was created by Charles Fey back in 1895.  This new creation had three spinning reels with five different symbols, including diamonds, spades, hearts, horseshoes, and a Liberty Bell.  The new creation by Fey made finding out if you won incredibly easy, because all that you were looking at was five symbols across three reels, and this allowed Fey to set up and automatic payout.  If you hit three bells in a row, you got the biggest payout, which was ten nickels for example.  The name of this first game was indeed Liberty Bell, and it took the gambling world by storm as soon as it was created.  Interestingly, his home state actually banned these slot machines, but Fey was still seeing incredible demand from many other places.

Another type of slot machine that was created featured payouts in the form of chewing gums.  There were different flavors rewarded as prizes, and the symbols on the reels were the different flavors as well.  This is where today’s popular symbols such as the cherry and melon actually came from.  If you were curious about that popular BAR symbol that you see, that actually came from the Bell-Fruit Gum Company, as this was their logo!

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If you are playing a slot machine, you can play in a few different ways.  For starters, you can insert coins (in some machines), you can use cash, or even the newer machines in live casinos will allow you to enter a bar-coded ticket into the slot machine that you are looking to play, as long as there is money remaining on the ticket.  After you do this, the machine will be activated, and in order to spin you simply pull the lever or push the spin button.  Some of the newer slot machines these days are going to have touchscreens where you can spin as well.

Your goal here is to get the combinations to hit in the right way so that you can get those big payouts.  Slot machines are going to feature a ton of different payout options, but you will find that slot machines really are luck, but still are incredibly fun for anyone who loves the thrill of gambling.

Winning combinations will normally be posted up on the front of the machine.  You can either win credits and cash, or even extra spins in order to have a chance to win even more money during your play.

While there are standard slot machines all around, you will find that there are also the popular video poker machines, in which players are trying to make strong poker hands as well.  There are going to be five-card draw machines, and even machines that go all the way up to 100-play, so that you can play as many as 100 different hands at one time also!

There are also slot machines called 9-line slots, which are going to offer a bonus round, and allow gamblers to play with between one and five credits per line.  Of course, with these games, just like any other, the more that you bet per line the higher your chances are of hitting a large pay day.

There are some key differences between reel slot machines and video slot machines, and one of the biggest is how the payouts are calculated.  For example, if you are playing a reel slot, if you want to have a chance to hit that massive jackpot that is the biggest on the board, then you are going to have to play the maximum number of bets, which can vary by each specific machine.  Video slots on the other hand are going to feature fixed payouts, but the payouts are going to be multiplied by the amount of coins per line that you end up betting.

In terms of the limits that you will find in standard casinos, most casinos are going to offer games for all different levels of players.  Some players may like to grind it out at the lower limits or the penny online slots, or you can play in the high roller room that features machines worth $100 per spin or even more!  These high dollar machines are going to be in the “High Limit” area most of the time as well.

Multi-Denomination machines are the newest types of slot machines out there.  These types of machines are going to allow players to choose the value of each credit that they bet from a list of different options.  After a player makes their selection, the machine is going to calculate the number of credits that players are going to receive in exchange for the amount of money that was put in.  Players will then be able to see the amount of available credits that they have in the game.

“Tokenization” is another new concept that is in many casinos today, and it essentially means that one type of token can be used to buy more than one credit.  So they can make it so that a slot machine accepts multiple different denominations.  So any penny, nickel, quarter, or dollar machine may accept dollar tokens for example.  This type of machine is going to automatically figure out how many credits that you have remaining once you put your tokens into the machine.

After a player is done playing and decides to cash out, all that they will need to do is to press “Cash Out”, and you will get a ticket with the amount that you won from the machine that you are able to go cash in.


Hand Pay is the type of term that you definitely want to be hearing often.  This is when there is a slot attendant who comes up to pay out the winnings, and this is often done when there is a big score from that machine.  It will also be done when the credits that were won are more than the number of coins that the machine has.

Shortpay is a payout that is made by the slot machine that is less than what the payout schedule states.  This will happen when the coin hopper gets depleted during a payout, and the remaining amount will be given to the player through hand pay.

Optimal Pay is simply the payback percentage that is based on a player using the optimal strategy while playing a skill-based slot machine.

Pay Table

Each machine that you play on is going to feature the number of credits that you are going to win if you end up hitting that combination.  There are also going to be different wild symbols on slot machines also, and these will typically not be included on the pay line.  Video machines are going to typically display their pay table if the player ends up pressing the button to view the pay table, or simply touches “pay table” on the screen.  For slot machines that feature multiple different credit bet options (such as one credit, two credits, or three credits) the payouts will be listed for each of the three credits in most situations.

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